Clearance Sale at Posh Kids in Orleans

Cloth swimming diaper

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Any parent who is keen on saving knows that the key to good deals on children’s clothing is planning – seasons in advance!

On Sunday I popped in Posh Kids for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised.   It markets itself as a high-end consignment store and is, as I understand, quite choosy about the items it accepts to sell.  I know the things I bought on the weekend looked brand new and the service was impeccable to boot!

Best of all, most items are 75% off at the moment in order to clear stock and make space for spring apparel.  So, it’s well worth it to go by and stock up for next year.  It is harder to judge size ahead of time when you have an infant, but measurements become more predictable once your infant grows into a toddler.

Posh Kids also carries new items, and one treasure I found was the Bummis Swimmi, a reusable swim diaper by Ottawa Cloth Diapers.  What a superb idea!  For $13.00 (plus tax) it only makes financial sense compared to the disposable kind, which sells for $10 for a pack (not to mention being kind to the environment).  I imagine two pairs would be all you need to get through winter swim lessons and a summer of paddling in the pools, lakes and oceans.

What kids’ consignment store to you shop at?

This post has not been sponsored and simply reflects my own thoughts on the product’s quality.


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One Response to Clearance Sale at Posh Kids in Orleans

  1. Kristen says:

    I shop at Boomerang Kids. It is close by and I go in often to check out new merchandise. I have been meaning to bring some items in and sell them – maybe next week.

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